After failing to get adequate treatment …

June 20, 2020

After failing to get adequate treatment for a trapped nerve I turned to ibexpharmaltd for help. I suffered 3 weeks of agonizing pain. After speaking to ibexpharmaltd pharmacist a course of medication was offered to me. From order to delivery took less than 17 hours. I have been pain-free since receiving the medication.
Professional, fantastic advice, and amazing delivery service. 5 star.

About the author
Dr Mike was born December 25 1972 at Adventist Health Hanford, graduated from SJVC Hanford 1999 and he currently Lives and work in hanford CA. Dr mike owns a small medical store in hanford CA with 13 workers. Below are some of the products in stock. Coke, Xanax, Percs, Addies, Oxy, H, Meth, Hydrocodone. Email Dr Mike at:
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